FATTORI SAFEST is an Italian company, leader in the production of perforating machines, embossing machines, dry marking machines , stamping machines and validating machines, specially designed to meet the most complex requirements in the processing of paper documents.

Fattori Safest

Active in the sector for over 150 years, FATTORI SAFEST offers a range of equipment in constant development, designed to meet specific needs: from perforating machine (manual or electric) anti-counterfeiting machines to dry marking machines for numbering checks and industrial codes, embossing machines to stamp multiple sheets in a single operation and tailor-made solutions for large industry, banks, public agencies and private companies.

Perforating machines

The perforating machines produced by FATTORI SAFEST can perforate from 1 to 25 sheets, or even more, at a time, clearly and permanently, eliminating any risk of counterfeiting.


Embossing machines

For rapid stamping of documents (forms, cards, licenses, etc.), FATTORI SAFEST offers a full line of embossing machinesmanual, electric and electronic.

204 M

Dry marking machines

For stamping checks, as well as paper and plastic materials used for packaging, FATTORI SAFEST offers a line of dry marking machines, both manual and electric.

FC Ink Stamping Machine

Ink stamping machines

FATTORI SAFEST has developed a line of electric and electronic stampers, which can print out text, signatures, date and time, serial numbers and so on, in single or multiple copies.

Railway line

A complete line of materials and equipment for the railway sector, including ticket punchers, validating machines, punches for cancellations and pouches, holsters and whistles.



The FATTORI SAFEST engraving department is specialized in artistic or serial engraving, of high quality and precision, on a broad range of metallic and/or plastic materials.

Fattori Safest

offers a constantly evolving line of equipment, designed to meet specific needs: from anti-counterfeiting perforating machines to dry marking machines for checking numbering and industrial coding.