Fattori Safest

FATTORI SAFEST was founded in 1885, by Cesare Fattori, whose father had already been in the sector and who operated an artisanal workshop specializing in the engraving and stamping of documents. This became the first Italian factory producing perforating machines , stamping machines and dry marking machines. The owner’s dedication, combined with a commitment to research and the development of innovative and effective solutions, soon brought the company to a leadership position in its sector, and in 1910, it was awarded the Diploma Medaglia D’Oro [Gold Medal] on the occasion of the Genoa Industrial Expo. The company continued to grow throughout the twentieth century: in 1953 it was acquired by Eng. Fermo Ghiddi, and the subsequent merger with the German company Safest put the finishing touch on its leap from small artisanal concern to international industrial player.

Under the guidance of the Ghiddi family, the brand acquired prestige, thanks partly to the complete automation of its production processes and the continuing expansion of its product range. Today, FATTORI SAFEST is a leader in the production of perforating machines for paper and electric and electronic stampers and validating machines, dry marking machines and stamping machines, manual and automatic, for the industrial, banking, financial, food & beverage and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors, as well as for government agencies and the railways.

Our customers

Thanks to its vast range of equipment for perforating, stamping and embossing documents, plastic and/or paper materials, FATTORI SAFEST can meet every need on the national and international market. Active in the sector for over 150 years, the company supplies anti-counterfeiting perforating machines, manual and electric stamping machines and other equipment for document handling and storage. FATTORI SAFEST has collaborated for many years with government agencies, the Italian State Railways (Ferrovie dello Stato), ministerial offices, large industrial firms and the banking sector, offering machines designed specifically for each need and guaranteeing post-sales assistance and programmed maintenance interventions nationwide.

Our mission

FATTORI SAFEST puts its vast professional experience at the service of its customers, offering products and services of the highest quality. Quality materials, experienced personnel, next-generation machinery and, most of all, the ongoing search for innovative, practical and customized solutions are the company’s main strengths and the reason for its excellent reputation, in Italy and abroad. In fact, FATTORI SAFEST not only produces, but designs perforating machines, embossing machines, stamping machines and dry marking machines, guaranteeing high quality standards and impeccable attention to the finished product.. In addition, the company is committed to providing a complete and prompt service, including post-sales assistance, repairs and maintenance interventions, carried out by experienced personnel of proven expertise.

Fattori Safest

offers a constantly evolving line of equipment, designed to meet specific needs: from anti-counterfeiting perforating machines to dry marking machines for checking numbering and industrial coding.