Ink Stampers

Always a close observer of the needs of the Italian and international market, FATTORI SAFEST has developed a line of professional ink stampers whose functioning is customizable.

The Italian company FATTORI SAFEST produces three types of electric and electronic ink stampers, able to print – singly or simultaneously– numbers, text, signatures, date and time, or various combinations of the same:

  • The FC series, which includes four electrical stampers for printing the date and time, or serial numbers, equipped with a self-inking ribbon;
  • The FC2 NDH series → an electrical stamper with a self-inking ribbon, designed for the progressive numbering of documents and the printing of date and time, which can stamp up to 6 copies on carbon paper;
  • The FCT series → a professional quality electronic stamper, equipped with an LCD display for programming the stamping and an external control to adjust the position and regulate the stamping pressure, making it ideal for a variety of materials.

The ink stampers produced by FATTORI SAFEST are utilized in industrial applications, or by public agencies, logistics firms and many other sectors: practical and versatile, sturdy and long lasting, they guarantee legibility, ease of use and maintenance and optimal performance, even with elevated workloads.

Fattori Safest

To know more about all the solutions available and for assistance in finding the right ink stamper for your needs, contact FATTORI SAFEST for more information!