Railways Line

Thanks to the acquisition of the German company Safest, FATTORI SAFEST is now able to supply validating machines, handheld punches for validating paper tickets and equipment for the railway sector.

The Railways Line includes a wide range of products intended for railway companies: from devices for validating tickets to handheld punches for paper tickets and other paper documents, as well as whistles and leather pouches and holsters.

FATTORI SAFEST offers three types of validating machines:

  • The 35HW series, which includes handheld punches and paper perforators for validating tickets, passes, subscriptions and membership cards, customizable with over 500 perforation formats, used in Italy and abroad;
  • The 50HW series, which consists of validating machines and paper perforators, used to validate railway tickets, passes and cards, also customizable with over 500 perforation patterns and known for its excellent manufacture;
  • The 65HW series, which includes perforator punches, which can be used for ticket validation or for cancelling tickets, passes and other paper documents.

In addition, leather pouches and holsters are available in various sizes, as well as whistles in metal or  brass sheets, for shunters and station masters, as well as two types of signal horns.

If necessary, FATTORI SAFEST can design new models of validating and/or perforating machines, or customize the standard formats.

Fattori Safest

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