Dry Marking Machines

For companies and public and private agencies that require a high performance dry marking machine, FATTORI SAFEST offers a new line of manual and electric marking machines that mark documents, cardboard, blister packs and cases in a clear and legible manner.

FATTORI SAFEST, the Italian company leader in the production of perforating machine, embossing machines and validating machines, offers four types of dry marking machines:

  • The 204/M series → A manual dry marker, equipped with interchangeable alphanumeric characters that can be combined into multiple lines of text of 13 characters each in the internal composing area, ideal for printing lots, expiration dates and other information on paper and plastic packaging;
  • The 978 series → another manual dry marker, designed to impress up to 12 characters on carbon paper and thus ideal for the numbering of checks and documents, used primarily in the banking sector;
  • The T2E/M series → an electric dry marker, with a control regulating the marking pressure that makes it adaptable to marking paper, cardboard and plastic materials: the optimal solution for the industrial and packaging sectors.

FATTORI SAFEST offers high quality dry marking machines, designed and produced entirely in Italy and resulting from of over 150 years of experience in the sector, made using only the highest quality materials. Customizable to suit their application, these dry markersare utilized in large industry and the food & beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, as well as in logistics and transport, adapting to even the most complex needs.

Fattori Safest

For more information and assistance in selecting the dry marker most suited to your company’s needs, contact FATTORI SAFEST!