FATTORI SAFEST boasts an advanced engraving department, specialized in the finishing of components for embossing machines and decorative work, singly or in series.

Thanks to advanced know-how, the use of state of the art techniques and equipment and the presence of skilled personnel, FATTORI SAFEST can carry out high quality engraving on metallic materials, such as brass, copper and steel, as well as plastic.

In fact, the engraving department makes use of computerized, automated instruments that can make incisions on flat or curved surfaces, such as those of rotary presses with circular matrices, while the ‘five axes’ machines permit multidimensional engraving of any detail.

Thanks to the above pluses, FATTORI SAFEST is able to deliver a finished product of high quality, customized in every detail according to the customer’s specifications.

Fattori Safest

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