Fattori Safest

FATTORI SAFEST, an Italian company, produces a vast range of equipment for the handling and stamping of documents, tickets and packaging materials. The machines – manual, electrical and electronic – can be customized to meet specific needs: from the perforating machine that eliminates the risk of counterfeiting to the stamping machine that prints text and numbers, the embossing machine for the simultaneous treatment of many sheets of paper, and the line of dry marking machines for labeling packages, checks and other plastic and/or paper materials. You can rely on FATTORI SAFEST to find the most suitable solution to meet your needs, thanks to decades of experience and a vast range of products.

Perforating machines

To authenticate documents, cardboard labels and plastic materials rapidly, efficiently and reliably, FATTORI SAFEST has developed a line of perforating machines that can handle up to 20-25 sheets at a time. The models available include a manual punch and an electric punch, for dates, numbers, text and cancellations.

Embossing machines

FATTORI SAFEST offers a line of manual, electric and electronic embossing machines, which can stamp from 1 to 20 or 30 sheets simultaneously. The embossing machine permits fast endorsement of forms, documents, diplomas, cards, tickets and other paper material. Their high quality construction guarantees maximum legibility at all times.

Dry marking machines

This range of manual and electric dry marking machines is used in banking to number checks in serial order and, in industry, to mark plastic and paper materials used to package food & beverages, pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, as well as many other items.

Ink stamping machines

To print numbers, signatures and text, FATTORI SAFEST has developed a series of ink stampers, both electric and electronic, that provide an efficient, practical solution to endorsing tickets and documents and printing out the date, time and other data.

Railway line

FATTORI SAFEST still offers a line of equipment for the railway sector, once produced by the German company Safest, including, in addition to the validating machines and the handheld hole punchersfor validations and cancellations, also items like leather pouches and holsters, whistles for station masters and shunters, signal horns and many other products.


FATTORI SAFEST has a professional engraving department, which has been active for several decades. The company offers high quality engraving on a wide range of materials (both plastic and metals such as steel, copper and brass), based on designs provided by the customer.

Fattori Safest

offers a constantly evolving line of equipment, designed to meet specific needs: from anti-counterfeiting perforating machines to dry marking machines for checking numbering and industrial coding.