Manual embossing machine

Manual Embossing Machine to emboss to up to 25 paper sheets simultaneously.

The amount of sheets that can be dealt with in one single run depends on paper substance and stamp diameter; die and counterdie may have a 25 to 50mm diameter. To assemble the engraved stamps, specify the side of the paper sheet to be embossed. The machine comes with a hands-on paper support plate and adjustable paper guides to facilitate positioning of documents.

  • Embossing capacity : sheets. 25
  • Feed depth : mm. 110 *
  • Stamp diameter : mm. 25 ÷ 50
  • Size LxWxH : cm. 18 x 40 x 42
  • Weight : kg. 10

* Feed depth may be increased to 240 mm by removing the depth adjuster.

  • Engraving of hardened steel stamps.
  • Safety key.