Manual date perforating machine

Professional Perforating Machine for Dates; perforating capacity up to 30 paper sheets in one run; max perforating capacity depends on type style and paper substance.
The standard version comes with 6 selector rollers plus 2 points; may be extended to 8 rollers (for fully worded years); Type height may be 7mm or 8.5mm.

The characers are set by means of a removable pin to be fitted from time to time to the rollers; on request, external fixed levers may be used. Specify if the paper sheet has to be punched on top or bottom. The machines are fitted with paper support plate and adjustable guides to thoroughly align perforation.

  • Perforating capacity : sheets. 30
  • Max line length : mm. 70
  • Feed depth : mm. 110 *
  • Machine dimensions LxWxH : cm. 24 x 34 x 42
  • Weight : kg. 24

* Feed depth may be increased to 170 mm by removing the adjustable depth guide.

  • Safety key.
  • We reserve the right to make changes