Manual marking machine

Manual Marking Machine to imprint a digit – up to 12 digits – on carbon-backed paper thus enabling imprinting of a check-book in one run or to imprint a digit on a thin cardboard.
In its standard version, the machine comes with 6 selector rollers and the digits are preset by means of external levers which facilitate digit setting and quick checking of the result.

The machine has a cast-iron structure with hardened steel mechanical components, the raised digits are fitted to steel wheels and two guides facilitate accurate positioning of the documents. The types used may be of two styles: “A”, 6 mm high & 5 mm wide, which enables to assemble 10 selector rollers on the machine, and “B”, 6 mm high & 4 mm wide, which enables to assemble 12 selector rollers.

  • Standard selector rollers : 6
  • Machine dimensions LxWxH : cm. 20 x 30 x 25
  • Weight : kg. 18
  • Selector rollers in addition to the 6 rollers, up to 12.