Perforating machine – Punch type

Perforating Machine to leave a punched mark on documents by means of punches; 12 symbols are available. In the standard version, the selected punch is fixed; an adapter to change punches may be requested before purchasing.

The machine is equipped with a hands-on paper support plate fitted with adjustable guides to easily position the documents. The number of sheets to be perforated in one run depends on paper substance and type style.

  • Perforating capacity : sheets. 50
  • Feed depth : mm. 80 *
  • Machine dimensions LxWxH : cm. 13,2 x 30 x 29
  • Weight : kg. 6

* Feed depth may be increased to 156 mm by removing the adjustable depth guide

  • Punch adapter.
  • Safety key
  • We reserve the right to make changes