Electronic embossing machine

Professional Electronic Embossing Machine for automatically feeding continuous forms. It can emboss up to 30 sheets in one single run or automatically validate spreadsheet packs of different length that can be reset on 20 different memories.
Stamping Module. Oil pressure operation controlled by an electric control card. No vibrations and noise. The control card prevents machine jamming when an excessive number of sheets is fed by activating a device preventing preventing embossment repetition and starting one single embossing cycle when depressing the control pedals.

The control panel on machine front-side mounts – in addition to control pedals power socket, fuse block and lock with safety key – two pilot lamps – one green, indicating that the machine is ON, and one red, which glows only during embossing. A large working table with rounded edges, and four adjustable feet, improve comfort. The number of paper sheets that can be simultaneously embossed depends on paper substance. To assemble the engraved punches, specify the sheet side to be embossed.
Feeding Module: electronic, with quick selection of embossing programs. Variable speed acceleration and deceleration; automatic timing during embossing; LCD control panel with sealed keyboard. A paper detector acts electronically on end of embossing or run-out of paper. Individual paper packs may be embossed during processing of continuous forms.

  • Embossing capacity : sheets. 30
  • Stamp diameter : mm. 25 ÷ 50
  • Preset programs : 5
  • Retraceable programs : 15
  • Counter : electronic
  • Starting : control panel pedals
  • Outer size : cm. 112 x 72
  • W. table size LxWxH : cm. 82 x 60 x 3
  • W. table height from ground : cm. 90
  • Weight : kg. 129
  • Power : V. 220 Hz. 50
  • Engraving of hardened steel stamps.
  • Module baskets.